A Reagan Bounce?

Many have wondered whether the national outpouring of affection for Ronald Reagan will benefit President Bush. There is some evidence that it has, in the most recent Rasmussen tracking poll. Over the last three days, Bush has led John Kerry by three, three and two points–the first time that’s happened in a long while.
Sure, any effect of Reagan’s passing will be transient, but to have a few days that are not dominated by the media’s anti-Bush agenda can only be a good thing.
Actually, Rasmussen’s most interesting data aren’t the numbers on the head-to-head matchup. Despite a months-long media pounding, the bogus L.A. Times poll numbers, and other efforts to show the administration in a state near-collapse, 53% of respondents still think Bush will win in November, vs. only 35% who expect a Kerry victory.
And on the key issues, President Bush is polling more strongly than he has in months. On the question, “Who do you trust more on national defense?”, Bush now leads by a wide 54% to 38% margin. This is double the lead he held on May 21.
And on the question, “Who do you trust more to manage the economy?”, Bush leads 49% to 41%. As recently as June 4, Bush and Kerry were tied on this question; time will tell where this is a significant movement in response to good economic news, or a fluke.
In any event, for whatever reason, the momentum seems to be moving Bush’s way for now.