Another U.N. Scandal

The oil-for-payola scandal was bad, but in the U.N.’s defense, one could say that people died only indirectly as a result of the U.N.’s greed and malfeasance. Here’s another U.N. scandal, where people were killed rather more directly:

[N]ew evidence is emerging that a U.N. ambulance was used by Palestinian terrorists for their getaway following an engagement on May 11, in which 6 Israeli soldiers were killed.
The Israelis have been making the charge for years that the U.N. and Red Cross have been providing cover for terrorists, with American taxpayers footing some of the bill. But now there’s evidence to back up the charge. In video shot by Reuters in Southern Gaza, Palestinian gunmen are seen piling into the back of a clearly marked U.N. ambulance in the midst of a firefight.
Israel further charged that the U.N. ambulances were used to transport body parts of the Israeli soldiers who were killed.
When Israelis leveled the charge, the U.N. denied the incident and demanded an apology.
A U.N. spokesman now concedes that armed Palestinians used the vehicle, claiming the driver was forced into service. But Israel’s deputy ambassador to the U.N. notes that the driver didn’t report the incident until after the videotape was shown.

Here is more on the story.
The Reuters video is astonishingly clear; you can watch it by pasting this URL into your browser:
It is infuriating to see the armed terrorists hopping into the back of a U.N. ambulance, paid for largely by American taxpayers. This story has been around for a while, but has generated little interest outside the internet.


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