Give us a break

Tim Blair’s blog alerted me to a blurb in U.S. News claiming that, when it comes to President Reagan, President Bush “has nothing on John Kerry.” And U.S. News is right, provided that one overlooks Kerry’s opposition to virtually every component of Reagan’s program — his tax cut, his defense build-up, and (Kerry’s pet peeve) Reagan’s efforts to fight Communism in Central America.
These trivialties aside, the two had much in common. For example, U.S. News assures that Kerry admired Reagan’s toughness, confidence, and discipline. He may also have liked Reagan’s hair-style. And Kerry yearns, say his friends, for the era of good feeling that prevailed during the Reagan presidency, highlighted by the Iran-Contra and Bork hearings.
We are also told that Kerry has read every biography of Reagan. We trust he will enjoy Steve Hayward’s.


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