Kill Them All

We have nothing useful to say about the murder of Paul Johnson. One small point, maybe: it pisses me off when reporters say that someone like Johnson was “executed.” Criminals are executed according to judicial process following a trial. Random people who are killed by evil monsters are not executed, they are murdered.
Good news: Saudi police have killed four al Qaeda terrorists, including the reputed leader of leader of al Qaeda in that country, Abdulaziz al-Moqrin. Al-Moqrin was apparently the ringleader of Johnson’s kidnapping, and was pictured in a video demanding the release of terrorists. This news story is hot off the press, and a gun battle between Saudi security forces and al Qaeda terrorists is apparently still going on.
Mrs. Rocket wonders: When terrorists kidnap someone like Paul Johnson and “demand” the release of specified al Qaeda prisoners, why doesn’t the government just kill the prisoners? It’s a thought. Or maybe all terrorists should be promptly executed, and never held as prisoners at all.
Four down, lots more to go.


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