Fantasies Die Hard

It was reported today that some Democrats were still yearning for a Kerry-McCain ticket after John McCain campaigned with President Bush today at Ft. Lewis in Washington, and at a rally in Nevada. In Nevada, McCain said:

Should the enemy acquire for their arsenal the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons they seek, this war will become an even bigger thing: It will become a fight for survival.
I believe just as strongly as when we began our efforts there, this [the Iraq war] was noble, achievable and necessary. And for [President Bush’s] determination to undertake this task, for his unflagging resolve to see it through to the just end we see, he deserves not only our support but our admiration.

The fact that the Democrats were desperate to snag as a Vice-Presidential candidate a pro-life Republican who vigorously supports the Iraq war in particular, and the war on terror in general, tells us something about the state of that party.


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