Harris Poll Shows Bush Up By Ten

Real Clear Politics linked to this Harris Poll that came out yesterday. For some reason, it hasn’t gotten much attention. But, based on telephone interviews conducted between June 8 and June 15, the Harris poll shows President Bush with a ten-point lead over John Kerry among likely voters.
The poll may be an outlier, and it may reflect a bounce from President Reagan’s funeral. It also has a modest-sized sample and a high margin of error. But it seems noteworthy that so far this poll (like others showing President Bush in the lead) has gotten no press coverage, while the absurdly defecive Los Angeles Times poll that purported to show John Kerry with a seven-point lead was front-page news.
The Harris poll contains other interesting data. The public’s view of the Democrats in Congress is bleak: 31% positive, 59% negative. Of course, the Congressional Republicans don’t fare much better at 39%/53%. Still, over the course of the year, the Republicans have polled significantly better.
One more thing I never knew: John Ashcroft is popular!


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