This Is Good

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is likely the most dangerous terrorist in the world today. Which explains why the U.S. launched an early-morning attack on a hideout in Fallujah that, according to Gen. Mark Kimmitt, was believed to house “a significant number of people in the Zarqawi network.” Let’s hope they killed as many as possible. So far there is no suggestion that Zarqawi himself might be among the dead, but the one-legged terrorist should be relatively easy to spot.
The attack was preceded by a drop of pamphlets over the city, urging residents to turn Zarqawi over to U.S. and Iraqi authorities. After the strike, residents claimed that there were two explosions, but Gen. Kimmitt said that the attack set off ammunition and weapons stored in the safehouse, triggering “multiple secondary explosions” that could have caused some of the casualties and damage. Let’s keep the attacks coming.


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