The perils of Air America

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting page-one story by Julia Angwin and Sarah McBride on Air America: “Inside Air America’s troubles: Optimism and shaky finances.”
The story has several interesting angles. Corporate misconduct of the traditional variety abounds. Comic potential lurks in the scene of Al Franken looking for evidence that his $1 million salary is being paid:

As the network’s star, Mr. Franken had negotiated a pay package valued at more than $1 million a year, according to a copy of the contract viewed by The Wall Street Journal. On the evening of April 26, Mr. Goodfriend says he was asked by [network executive] Mr. [Evan] Cohen to show Mr. Franken a deposit slip that would prove he’d been paid a portion of his salary. Mr. Cohen says he only asked Mr. Goodfriend to negotiate with Mr. Franken.
The next day, Mr. Goodfriend went to Mr. Franken’s Manhattan apartment to meet Mr. Franken’s wife, who manages her husband’s finances. Over the Frankens’ kitchen table, the two tore open an envelope sent over by Mr. Cohen that they thought was going to contain proof of the payment. All they found was a stack of irrelevant documents.

And fans of Larry David’s HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm will be relieved to learn that news of Mrs. David’s multimillion dollar financial support of the network appears to be exaggerated. Anyone who thought she had invested in the network was “not in the loop,” according to now-former network executive Evan Cohen. (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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