The establishment strikes back

Last month, I was fortunate enough to hear Clifford May, president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, speak to a haddasah chapter in Northern Virginia. Haddasah is a woman’s zionist and charitable organization. May devoted a Sunday afternoon to speak without compensation at a fundraising luncheon. His speech confirmed what his writing demonstrates — that his is an indispensable voice in the war on terrorism.
For further confirmation, check out May’s latest piece about the formation of a group called Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change. May points out that the group consists mainly of those who “were among the architects of the policies that led to September 11 [and are] furious that President Bush decided, following September 11, to change U.S. policy.” For example, “President Clinton’s policy advisers developed no strategy to infiltrate or shut [known terrorist] training camps; no plan to track the terrorists after they graduated. On the contrary, during the 1990s, intelligence budgets were repeatedly cut, and special forces


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