Coming Soon to Theaters Near You

This morning I agreed to appear in a documentary about blogging. The filmmaker happens to live in the Twin Cities, and apparently he just figured out that this is a hotbed of conservative bloggers. Until now, he has interviewed only lefties, and he told me that he is a lefty himself.
I was undeterred, of course. Truth be told, I, like Deacon and the Trunk, was also once a lefty, so there is hope for this guy. And for his audience. I told him he could interview the Trunk and me on Saturday. I haven’t, actually, broken this news to the Trunk yet, so our long partnership could be in jeopardy. Nine-thirty, Trunk, at my house. If things go bad, Deacon, we’ll patch you in on the phone and hide in the back yard.
Here is how the “blogumentarian” recorded our conversation on his site today: “Blogumentary Ventures Into the Conservative Blogosphere.” It’s sort of like, Captain Cook meets the natives. But, hey, we’re nothing if not ecumenical. And I think we’re Captain Cook, too.
UPDATE: The Elder at Fraters Libertas writes:

Rumor has it that Chuck Olsen, a local filmmaker who is working on the long awaited (it took less time to complete the LOTR trilogy) documentary film on blogging called Blogumentary, has decided to interview our Northern Alliance colleagues at Power Line as part of his project.
We welcome this chance for wider exposure of the right wing of the blogosphere. It’s about time that the hoary stereotype of conservatives as wealthy, powerful, elitist, stuff-shirted, middle aged, white men in business suits is laid to rest once and for all.


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