JFK’s JFK Complex

The Associated Press released this photo of John Kerry catching a baseball on a runway just before boarding his airplane in Washington.
Well, sure, that’s just what I always do when I’m hurrying to catch a plane–have a quick game of catch on the tarmac. What is it with Kerry and sports? His campaign is always talking about his snowboarding, sailing, biking, whatever. Maybe they’re trying to pre-empt some bad news that is about to come out regarding Kerry’s health.
I don’t think so, however. I think this is Kerry’s attempt to imitate his idol, John Kennedy. He’s trying to re-create those touch football games–one of the most tiresomely repeated, irrelevant cliches of the whole over-blown Kennedy era.
Still, I’ll say this for Kennedy: at least he never dragged the press along to watch him buy a jockstrap. And he wouldn’t have been caught dead with a flower-power zipper pull.


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