The Republican National Committee has its creative juices flowing in anticipation of Barbra Streisand’s fundraising concert tonight for John Kerry. It has unveiled “Kerry-oke,” asking voters to sing along with new lyrics sung to the tune of “The Way We Were,” rewritten as “The Flips We Flopped”:

Said along the campaign trail,
Different stands John Kerry’s spoken of,
They’re the flips he flopped.
Scattered issues,
At John Kerry photo-ops,
Sort of all blend all together,
With the flips he flopped.
Was John Kerry oh, so liberal then,
Or has time re-written every vote?
If John Kerry could do it all again,
Tell me, would he?
Could he?
May be handy here today.
But press coverage seems to contradict,
The things John Kerry has to say.
So it’s his record,
We will remember,
Today and in November,
The flips he flopped.
The flips … he … flopped …


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