Will Kerry be mugged by reality?

Here’s an excellent piece from Daniel Henninger in the Opinion Journal. Henninger thinks that the recent beheadings could pose a political problem for John Kerry. Why? Because “after absorbing these beheadings, voters may start to ask themselves which man’s ideology has, if one may use this term, sufficient moral fiber to stand up to what they are seeing with their own eyes.” That’s not a happy question for Kerry to begin with. Moreover, as Henninger notes, Kerry’s base would not be pleased if Kerry were to adopt the rhetoric necessary to persuade voters that he has that moral fiber.
Henninger finds that “the events that are coinciding with this election may be forcing a referendum on the nature of radical Islam similar to an earlier one on Soviet Communism. Is radical Islam a political problem to manage with our allies and the U.N. or an implacable enemy, a radical evil, that is simply trying to kill us?” Unfortunately for Kerry, more and more the question seems to be answering itself.
Via Hugh Hewitt.