Democrats Denounce Themselves

We mentioned yesterday that the Bush campaign has produced a video on John Kerry’s “Coalition of the Wild-Eyed.” It shows clips of Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Al Gore and Kerry, along with clips from two anti-Bush ads that appeared on, both of which showed images of Adolf Hitler and equated him to George Bush. The ad is pretty effective; it’s the Bush campaign’s first effort, as far as I know, to point out the madness that has afflicted the contemporary Democratic Party.
The ad obviously hit a nerve, and the Democratic National Committee has sent out an email to its mailing list of the faithful–I’m on it–denouncing the Bush video. The Democrats’ email says:

It isn’t often that we’d ask you to go to George W. Bush’s campaign website. But every single American should go to immediately and watch the disgusting ad the Bush/Cheney campaign has featured on the front page.
Titled “The Faces of John Kerry’s Democratic Party,” the ad features Adolf Hitler alongside Democrats, including John Kerry. President Bush’s campaign has relied on negative attacks against Kerry, but this is a new low.
We’ve always said the Bush campaign would do anything to win, but even we are shocked that they’ve sunk this low. It’s bizarre. It’s outrageous. And we’re not going to stand for it.
If President Bush has any decency at all, he’ll remove this hateful ad from his website immediately.

The DNC then pleads for signatures on its petition demanding that President Bush “repudiate this disgusting ad putting Hitler alongside Democrats.”
Is this bizarre, or what? Is there anyone in the world dumb enough to fall for the Democrats’ spin? I doubt it. The Bush campaign has already retaliated; the video, which you can view here, now begins with these words:

The following video contains remarks made by and images from ads sponsored by Kerry Supporters. John Kerry has denounced our use of these ads attacking the President. He has not denounced liberal supporters like Al Gore, George Soros, and many others who have made speeches comparing the President to Adolf Hitler.

The Democrats’ position is that it is OK for Democrats to produce that show images of Adolf Hitler morphing into George Bush; but it is terrible for Republicans to reproduce those images to point out how nuts the Democrats are. Not all Democrats are crazy. But the Democratic Party has gone insane.


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