Power Line 9/11

This past Saturday morning Rocket Man and I were interviewed by Chuck Olsen and his lovely assistant Lori Erickson. By day Chuck is the Web master for the local Twin Cities public television station; by night he is a filmmaker whose present project is a documentary on the development and growth of the blogosphere.
Rocket Man noted the invitation from Chuck to be interviewed for the film in “Coming soon to theaters near you.” Rocket Man observed that we were to be the first conservative bloggers interviewed by Chuck, but I believe that Rocket Man has by himself now redressed the balance.
Chuck has already posted excerpts of the interview that he and Lori filmed with us Saturday morning on his Blogumentary site. Chuck has posted Rocket Man’s impassioned disquisition on Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.
Attentive viewers may deduce the basis of the long and fruitful collaboration that Rocket Man and I have enjoyed over the past 20 or so years; I enjoy listening to him.


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