Standing athwart history

In connection with William Buckley’s historic divestiture of the ownership of National Review yesterday, NRO has posted the rousing Publisher’s Statement that Buckley contributed to the magazine’s debut issue in 1955. It’s the conservative version of the shot heard ’round the world — what a brilliant and audacious statement of purpose:

We have nothing to offer but the best that is in us. That, a thousand Liberals who read this sentiment will say with relief, is clearly not enough! It isn’t enough. But it is at this point that we steal the march. For we offer, besides ourselves, a position that has not grown old under the weight of a gigantic, parasitic bureaucracy, a position untempered by the doctoral dissertations of a generation of Ph.D’s in social architecture, unattenuated by a thousand vulgar promises to a thousand different pressure groups, uncorroded by a cynical contempt for human freedom. And that, ladies and gentlemen, leaves us just about the hottest thing in town.



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