Nostalgic for Saddam

Ann Coulter’s latest is highly therapeutic: “Saddam In Custody — Moore, Soros, Dean Still At Large:

The Americanization of Iraq proceeds at an astonishing pace, the Iraqis are taking to freedom like fish to water, and the possibilities for this nation are endless. It’s hard to say who’s more upset about these developments: the last vestiges of pro-Hussein Baathist resistance in Iraq or John Kerry’s campaign manager.
The New York Times ran a front-page news story on Sunday about how life was better for Iraqi girls under Saddam Hussein — living under Saddam, that is, not the girls who were literally under Saddam, Odai and Qusai while they were being raped. The article was titled “For Iraqi Girls, Changing Land Narrows Lives.” True, they don’t have to run from Odai’s rape rooms anymore. But apparently not a single Iraqi female has been admitted to Augusta National Golf Club since the liberation!
The Democrats want Saddam back.
Of course we can’t be sure if their presidential candidate wants Saddam back, inasmuch as John Kerry will be in an undisclosed location until Election Day.

UPDATE: Saddam appeared in court today and said, “The real criminal is Bush.” In that, he and the Democrats are of one mind. It’s a good thing for the Iraqis that Saddam won’t be judged by a jury of Michael Moore, Howard Dean and John Kerry.
Watch for it: Saddam nostalgia. Reuters is already pushing it: “Some Iraqis Want Saddam Freed, Back as President”. All of the Iraqis quoted in Reuters’ story said they wanted Saddam back. Their comments included this lovely sentiment: “All those people in mass graves were just rabble who deserved everything they got.” It will be interesting to see how close Democrats come to endorsing this view of Iraq’s history in the days to come. The Democrats’ Congressional leaders have already signed on, haven’t they, by giving a standing ovation to Michael Moore’s bizarre vision of an idyllic, kite-flying pre-war Iraq?


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