The great fear

The best of the Web today is the presentation made by Bat Ye’or to the French Senate in Paris three weeks ago that been posted by FrontPage: “Beyond Munich: The spirit of Eurabia.” It is a devastating indictment of the “strategy of surrender” pursued by old Europe under the leadership of France:

The dhimmitude of Europe began with the subversion of its culture and its values, with the destruction of its history and its replacement by an Islamic vision of that history, supported by the romantic myth of Andalusia. Eurabia adopted the Islamic conception of history, in which Islam is defined as a liberating force, a force for peace, and the jihad is regarded a “just war.” Those who resist the jihad, like the Israelis and the Americans, are the guilty ones, rather than those who wage it. It is this policy that has inculcated in us, the Europeans, the spirit of dhimmitude that blinds us, that instills in us a hatred for our own values, and the wish to destroy our own origins and our own history. “The greatest intellectual swindle would be to allow Europe to continue to believe that it derives from a Judeo-Christian tradition. That is a complete lie,” Tariq Ramadan has stated. And thus we despise George Bush because he still believes in that tradition. What simpletons those Americans


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