Captain Ed locates Hugh

The site of our friend Hugh Hewitt has been hacked. Edward Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters explains in “Hugh Hewitt hacked.” Ed refers interested readers to an alternate URL accessible through this link.
On Hugh’s nationally syndicated radio show Thursday Hugh interviewed director/producer Louis Schwartzberg concerning his new film “America’s Heart & Soul” (the link takes you to the film’s fantastic site and a Flash preview of the movie). Thanks to Hugh we went to see the film last night.
The film is an uplifting, offbeat love letter to America. Schwartzberg crisscrosses the country to provide vignettes of folks who love their work, have pursued unusual avocations, or who have defied long odds to achieve their dreams. Schwartzberg’s background is in television advertising and it shows. The film moves from story to story giving each subject a few minutes and letting the subjects speak for themselves; the cinematography is spectacular.
It’s easy to take potshots at the movie, and newspaper film critics have mostly done so. But the movie is special. You will leave the theater feeling better than when you entered.
We won’t soon forget the story of New York City’s fastest bicycle messenger, whose daily death-defying rounds make the chase in “The French Connection” look tame, or the story of the blind mountain climber scaling the peaks of the highest mountains on each continent.
The film concludes with a portrait of father and son Dick and Rick Hoyt of Boston. Rick is a spastic quadriplegic as a result of his cerebral palsy; he communicates through his computer. His father is a retired air national guard officer.
At his son’s urging, Dick runs marathons with Rick. Dick explains: “A special bond developed between Rick and [me] when he was first born, and we started doing everything together. I wouldn


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