The Hate Continues

The far-left group has announced that TV ad and filmmaker Errol Morris will make a series of anti-President Bush ads for release later this summer. Morris’s documentary “The Fog of War,” about Robert McNamara, won the Oscar in 2003. MoveOn said:

[The ads] will feature testimonials of U.S. citizens against Bush administration policies. “People who have lost their job, or kids in Iraq, or any of the people who have been affected by Bush policies” might appear.

The left has an essentially infinite amount of money to finance its hate campaign against the President, and my prediction is that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The Democrats’ performance already constitutes the most vicious outpouring of venom in the history of American politics, and they’re just getting warmed up.
Will they win? As regular readers know, I’m not very optimistic. The hate campaign, of course, only goes so far; hate sells very well with Democrats, but by itself is unlikely to garner a majority of American voters. The question then becomes, how will John Kerry do with normal people?
He appeared yesterday in Cloquet, Minnesota, and by all accounts I’ve seen, he did quite well. The Duluth News-Tribune’s report is here. The photo below shows Kerry in Cloquet:
Kerry’s speech was standard-issue Democratic platitudes–which, from his campaign’s perspective, are plenty good enough. If Kerry is generally perceived as an average Democrat, he will win. Our best hope, I think, is that millions of Americans will see Kerry for the first time in the Presidential debates, and will be decidedly unimpressed. For now, though, he seems to be doing fine.


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