A Minnesota 4th of July

The town we live in, Apple Valley, is a Twin Cities suburb, but it retains some of the feel of a small town. Every year it has a pretty good 4th of July parade. Today we found a spot on a little hill, watched the parade and took some pictures. Uncle Sam was one of the first marchers in the parade:
My kids knew a number of the band members, cheerleaders, etc., and our friend and Congressman John Kline was there. We’ve had a cool summer so far, but you can always count on the Fourth to be broiling hot, and the sun didn’t disappoint.
I posted some of the photos I took of the parade here. You can view them as a slide show or enlarge the pictures individually. In truth, there is nothing aesthetically special or politically significant about them; they will be familiar to anyone who has attended 4th of July parades in just about any small town in America. Still, in today’s times, it’s fun to see the old rituals maintained.


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