Making the world safe through democracy

This piece by Saul Singer in the Jerusalem Post is full of insights about the war in Iraq and the larger war on terrorism, not the least of which is this one:
“Iraqis deserved to be free and America was right to free them. But ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ was, before it was that, Operation American Security. America’s right to act did not come from the justice of its cause for Iraqis, but from the fact that American security demanded that the dictator who most symbolized defiance of America be toppled.
“It is fine and justified for Americans – and Israelis – to explain that our war is in the other side’s interest, but this should be no substitute for standing up for our right to self defense. We have little authority to speak of what Arabs really want; we have ultimate authority, as the aggrieved party, to do what it takes to achieve the peace and security that we need.”


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