John Edwards

is John Kerry’s choice for Vice President. In light of all the bad predictions I have made during this political season, perhaps our readers will indulge me in this bit of “I told you so” (at Rocket Man’s expense) from August of last year.
I think what I said then — that Edwards is the smart play — is now widely acknowledged. Some in the Bush campaign have said that he’s the only prospect who moves polling numbers. However, the race will have to be awfully close for this pick to affect the outcome.
I think the selection of Edwards is fairly good news for the country. Unlike some Kerry might have picked, and arguably unlike Kerry himself, I think that, as president, Edwards would aggressively prosecute the war on terrorism. His at times extreme pronouncements on domestic policy issues strike me mostly as talk (talk that helped get him on the ticket). Most likely, a President Edwards would be a fairly cautious and sensible guy.
For commentary on Edwards, see this piece and link. For the appropriate Edwards campaign song, see this Lileks piece.
UPDATE: Thanks to reader Steven Gerald Anderson, the link to the Lileks piece should now be good.


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