The future that doesn’t work

Charles Krauthammer on French obstructionism. Says Krauthammer, “Beyond the anti-Americanism is an attempt to court the Muslim and Arab world. For its own safety and strategic gain, France is seeking a ‘third way’ between America and its enemies. Chirac’s ultimate vision is a France that is mediator and bridge between America and Islam. During the cold war, Charles de Gaulle invented this idea of a third force, withdrawing France from the NATO military structure and courting Moscow as a counterweight to Washington. Chirac, declaring in Istanbul that ‘we are not servants’ of America, has transposed this Gaullist policy to the struggle with radical Islam.”
Krauthammer thinks that Chirac has put France on a collision course with the U.S., with many more crashes to come. However, it is not clear that Chirac will control French policy much longer or that his successors will be nearly as wrong-headed. They can’t afford to be. Krauthammer may be correct in thinking that Chirac is an appeaser who “sees a Muslim future.” But as French voters begin to glimpse that future in their neighborhoods, they are unlikely to support indefinitely politicians who willfully obstruct those who resist that future.