Funny, he hasn’t looked pro-Jewish

The Jerusalem Post has doubts about John Kerry’s commitment to Israel’s security. Kerry has issued a position paper proclaiming that he “has been at the forefront of the fight for Israel’s security during his 19 years in the U.S. Senate.” But the Post finds that Kerry has been a follower, not a leader, in this respect, and has not consistently backed Israel when it has defended itself by attacking Hamas and other terrorists. For example, he has failed to support the killing of Hamas leaders Yassin and Rantisi.
Moreover, the Post reminds us that “the security of Israel, and of Jews around the world, for that matter, depends almost entirely on how successfully the U.S. fights the global jihad, of which Israel is the leading and most long-standing target.” Here, Kerry has hardly been at the forefront. To the extent that he has any distinct view regarding that fight, it is that we shouldn’t proceed without the French. This can hardly be music to Israeli, or Jewish, ears.


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