Buy This Book!

We had the good fortune to be noticed early in our blog-career by some influential people; most of all, by Hugh Hewitt. Hugh is one of the kindest, smartest, most generous people we know. Somewhere in America there may be a more consistent voice of sanity, common sense and optimism, but I don’t know who it would be.
Last weekend I was at a Barnes & Noble near my home with my teen-age son, and saw Hugh’s new book, If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat, on a table, alone among a throng of Bush-bashing Lefty books. I snapped it up; here it is:
I’m two-thirds of the way through it. It is a sensible primer on 1) why it is important for Republicans rather than Democrats to win elections; and 2) how we can best bring about that result. The implicitly intended audience is conservatives who may be in doubt about whether they should, without qualification, support and work for the election of President Bush and other Republican candidates. It’s good, and it’s fun. It’s also media-savvy, with a discussion of the blogosphere and Hugh’s blog recommendations, including Power Line.
Yesterday a package arrived in the mail: Hugh’s book, from Hugh, fresh from the printer and inscribed by the author. When I’m done with the one I got at Barnes & Noble, I’ll pass it on to a friend who needs some encouragement, and keep Hugh’s inscribed copy in my library.
My advice is: buy this book, read it, and pass it on. It’s the message we need, at the moment we need it.


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