Not Even the Post Can Swallow That One

The Washington Post conducted an airborne interview with John Kerry and John Edwards. It isn’t particularly revealing, but I thought this commentary was amusing:

With their ties loosened and shoes kicked off, the Democratic duo also vowed to forgo negative advertising in this presidential campaign — an assertion that draws scoffs from Republicans who note that independent Democratic groups have pounded the president with millions of dollars in negative ads.
“We have not stood up and attacked our opponents in personal ways,” Kerry said.
This week alone, Kerry has criticized Bush personally in speeches for lying, professional laziness, waiting until right before the election to indict Enron Corp.’s former chief executive, Kenneth L. Lay, lacking values and even having worse hair than the two Democrats. Some advisers are privately counseling Kerry to tone down his attacks on Bush.

Not even the Post can stomach Kerry’s absurd claim that he is taking the high road in the campaign.


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