Where’s the yeast?

In his rant before MoveOn.org this past May, Al Gore lamented that the families of American troops serving in Iraq have held bake sales to raise money to purchase body armor for the soldiers. John Kerry quickly recycled the charge in the course of expressing rhetorical support for the troops — after he had famously voted against the $87 billion supplemental funding bill that he had earlier “actually” voted for.
Little Trunk has diligently inquired into the factual basis of the Gore/Kerry bake sale allegation and found essentially none. NRO has posted her column: “Where’s the yeast?” And as Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story:

While Gore and Kerry mockingly decry the mythical “bake sales for body armor,” MoveOn itself has capitalized on the bake-sale concept. But not for the much-needed vests. Rather, MoveOn-ers valiantly attempted to “Bake Back the White House” by selling Beat Bush Brownies and No C.A.R.B. (Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Bush) Meringues at over 1,000 bake sales throughout the country. One cannot doubt their dedication. One MoveOn-er in Ithaca, New York made the ultimate sacrifice: “Normally I’m on the South Beach diet,” she admitted. “But today, well, I’m doing this for my country…. Democracy is more important than the size of my thighs. The weight on my scale at home is paltry to the weight of consequence in this next presidential election.” Those MoveOn-ers: You can criticize them, but don’t ever say they don’t have their priorities straight! As for Gore and Kerry, their first priority should be getting the facts straight.


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