Kerry on the fence

Yesterday I asked when some enterprising reporter would ask John Kerry for his position on the International Court of Justice opinion on the illegality of Israel’s security fence, and what he would do in the event of a similar ruling against the United States.
Senator Kerry in fact issued a statement last week after the opinion was issued. Kerry commented that he was “deeply disappointed by today’s International Court of Justice ruling related to Israel’s security fence. Israel’s fence is a legitimate response to terror that only exists in response to the wave of terror attacks against Israel. The fence is an important tool in Israel’s fight against terrorism. It is not a matter for the ICJ.”
Kerry’s statement is quoted in the Jerusalem Post story on American reaction to the ICJ opinion: “Washington dismisses ICJ ruling.” May I recast my sentiment to state that, given the deference Senator Kerry has demanded the United States pay to international institutions, I wish some enterprising reporter would ask the obvious follow-up questions?


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