The Mohamed profile

It appears that al Qaeda and its friends are on the threshold of doing serious damage in Minneapolis or another city a connecting flight away. KSTP/Eyewitness News reports that federal law enforcment authorities detained Ali Mohamed Almosaleh last week at the Twin Cities airport: “Man arrested with suicide note on flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul International.”
Almosaleh’s trip originated in Syria and took him to Amsterdam and Minneapolis via KLM. He was arrested in Minneapolis on an immigration violation and found with “disturbing items” in his posssession — a suicide note indicating a specific time and place of attack, CD/DVDs with anti-American materials, and something indicating a connection with “at least one known terrorist.”
Permit me to reiterate my proposed slogan for the Bush campaign: It’s the Jihad, stupid! (Courtesy of Little Green Footballs.)


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