A case of early Senator envy?

Hugh Hewitt pointed us to this bit by baseball commentator Peter Gammons. It seems that John Kerry “made a self-promotion appearance with Boston talk-show maven Eddie Andelman and claimed he was a big Red Sox fan from his days growing up in Groton, Mass. And at the promotion he said Eddie Yost was his favorite player. The problem with that is just the simple fact that Eddie Yost [a longtime Washington Senator] never played for the Red Sox.”
It could have been worse, though. He might have cited Billy Martin. But perhaps Kerry was thinking of Eddie Joost another infielder of the era who played 55 games for the Red Sox in 1955. Nah. Even Don Buddin would be a more plausible choice than the washed-up Joost (batting average .193).
Yost, by the way, would have been an excellent selection but for Kerry’s claim to be a Sox fan. The Walking Man was a fine player with a reputation as a gentleman. When I met him after his playing days were over, the reputation seemed well-deserved. I think Yost eventually coached for the Sox in the early 1970s, but by then Kerry had moved on to less traditionally American activities than baseball.