Just when I cancel my subscription

to the Washington Post, the paper decides to devote its Sunday magazine to a piece on “Washingtonienne,” the former Senate staffer who blogged about her sex for pay escapades. I took some solace from the fact that Michelle Malkin has refused to talk about the matter with the Post because she does not want to be a party to the “newspaper’s continued pimping of ‘Skankette.'” But I took less after Michelle predicted that there would be “the obligatory photo spread. . . Not materially different than Maxim or Playboy.” I think my wife still buys the Sunday edition of the Post, so all may not be lost.
On a related note, Michelle states that she will be speaking to a young conservative women’s event on Capitol Hill on the “Girls Gone Wild” culture. The event will take place on the afternoon of July 26. Michelle graciously invited the Post writer who is writing the story on Washingtonienne.


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