The Mohamed profile, part 2

FrontPage has posted the chilling first-person account of Annie Jacobsen regarding what appears to be a terrorist dry run on a recent Northwest Airlines flight: “Terror in the skies — again?” Jacobsen’s column also discusses her interaction with law enforcement authorities concerning the flight.
I can’t vouch for the veracity of the column’s reportage. If you find any additional information bearing on the column, I would be grateful if you would let us know. In the meantime, even though this column may ruin your day, don’t miss it.
UPDATE: The invaluable Michelle Malkin has confirmed the basic facts of Jacobsen’s story in “Terror in the skies (continued).”
UPDATE 2: Northern Alliance colleague Edward Morrissey strikes cautionary notes regarding Jacobsen’s story over at Captain’s Quarters in “Terror in the skies?”
UPDATE 3: Michelle has more.
UPDATE 4: Michelle has now added “Terror in the skies — skeptics edition.” More grounds for skepticism are offered by Donald Sensing’s “Casing Northwest #327 — threat or hoax?”