Minnesota’s Unfunny Humorist Forgets His Medication

Minnesota’s Republican Party site notes that local celebrity Garrison Keillor has published a new book, called Homegrown Democrat: a Few Plain Thoughts from the Heart of America. The book is Keillor’s contribution to the Democratic Party’s current hate-fest. Here is how he describes Republicans:

…hairy-backed swamp developers and corporate shills, faith-based economists, see-through fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience, freelance racists, hobby cops, misanthropic frat boys, lizardskin cigar monkeys, jerktown romeos, ninja dittoheads, the shrieking midgets of AM radio, tax cheats, cheese merchants, cat stranglers, taxi dancers, grab-ass executives, gun fetishists, genteel pornographers, pill pushers, chronic nappers, nihilists in golf pants, backed-up Baptists, Crips and Bloods of the boardroom…

The Minnesota GOP’s comment is admirably restrained:

Apparently, there are no Republicans in Keillor’s version of Lake Wobegon. It is amazing that a man who can wax nostalgic about a fictitious Minnesota small town can be so blind to the values of so many Minnesotans — the majority of whom, to Keillor’s chagrin, voted Republican in the last election.

Is it possible that the American people could turn the leadership of our country over to as hateful a group of people as today’s Democrats? Right now, it’s even money.


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