Jack Kelly in the Washington Times sees steady progress in the war against terrorism in Iraq. Citing, Kelly says that, with religious leaders turning against al Qaeda, its operatives have been forced to move to Fallujah. But it’s no picnic there, either. While the “authorities” tolerate the terrorists, many residents do not. Thus, the U.S. has been getting timely intelligence which has made possible several successful air strikes. Moreover, there are reports that fighting has broken out among various terrorist groups. And, of course, to the extent the terrorists congregate in Fallujah, they become vulnerable if our forces eventually attack the city. That’s why some foreign jihadists appear to be giving up and leaving Iraq, thus fulfilling, perhaps, the prophecy of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, who said in February, “If God forbid, the government is successful and takes control of the country, we just have to pack up and go somewhere else again, where we can raise the flag again or die, if God chooses us.”


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