Kerry Clings to Yellowcake Myth

Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, now exposed as one of the most bald-faced liars in American history, has been a campaign adviser to John Kerry. Wilson’s website, risibly titled Restore Honesty, is paid for by John Kerry for President, Inc. So we’ve been wondering whether Kerry will distance himself from Wilson, now that the Senate Intelligence Committee report has exposed Wilson as a serial liar.
It appears, however, that Kerry still hasn’t gotten the word on Wilson and the Niger uranium story. Just four days ago, in a press release titled “What Did He Know And When Did He Know It?”, Kerry’s campaign excoriated President Bush for his State of the Union reference to the “debunked…Niger/yellowcake claim,” which Kerry also called the “false Niger claim.”
So one might more appropriately wonder what Kerry knows, and when he is going to learn what the rest of us already know. Apparently Kerry not only was too busy to receive a briefing on terrorism, he was also too busy to read the Senate Intelligence Committee report.


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