It must be Israel’s fault

In Iraq, slow progress towards a stable, functioning democracy is reported as chaos. In the West Bank and Gaza, the ongoing corruption and chaos is scarely reported at all. But the situation is so bad, it can no longer be ignored. Here’s the Washington Times’ account of recent developments, including the kidnapping of police officers in Gaza and the resignation of the PA’s prime minister, Ahmed Qureia, in frustration over his helplessness in the face of unchecked anarchy in the territories. And this report by ABC News tells of gunmen burning down the PA office in Gaza. These developments follow the criticism of Yasser Arafat by the UN’s Middle East envoy, Terje Roed-Larsen, discussed here. The ABC story notes the growing clamor for free and fair elections. Like the ones that will be taking place before long in Iraq.
HINDROCKET adds: How astonishing it would be, and how disconcerting to the world-view of the world’s liberal elites, if the war in Iraq should prove to be the key that finally unlocks the door of Palestinian futility. A long shot? Sure. But it does seem that real change in the West Bank and Gaza is more possible today than in many years.


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