U.N. Supports Palestinian Terror

The United Nations General Assembly voted today, by a 150-6 margin, to demand that Israel tear down the West Bank barrier that has dramatically reduced terrorist attacks. The vote was postponed while the European Union countries frantically worked out agreed-upon language with the Palestinian delegation and representatives of Arab countries.
Given the undeniable success the fence has had in preventing terrorist attacks, it is hard to see the U.N. vote as anything other than an endorsement of Palestinian terrorism. Israel’s U.N. Ambassador, Dan Gillerman, said, following the vote:

Thank God that the fate of Israel and of the Jewish people is not decided in this hall. This resolution cannot but embolden those who are the true enemies of the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Indeed. And thank God that the security of the United States is not in the hands of the U.N.’s General Assembly. Does anyone seriously doubt that most of the 150 countries who voted in favor of Israel’s extinction would likewise condemn any vigorous action the United States may take to combat terrorism? There are those in this country who would rely on the U.N. to play a major role in our own security, and who would defer, in foreign relations, to the judgment of the very nations who hammered out the condemnation of Israel’s effort to provide for its own security with the Arab aggressors. May those misguided politicians never come to power here.
I have not been able to find a list of the six countries who opposed the pro-terror resolution; the United States, of course, was one. The other five deserve a great deal of credit, and if anyone knows who they are, we’ll post the list.
UPDATE: At Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson reports: “The only nations on this sick planet with the guts to vote against this foul resolution: the United States, Israel, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau and Australia.”


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