Dems in Denial

We have often commented on the insanity that has gripped the Democratic Party. And we don’t mean that as a figure of speech. A great many Democrats are delusional, believing things that are obviously false, and refusing to believe things that are patently true. Here is another example: Scott Rasmussen reports that 51% of Democrats say that the United States is currently in a recession.
Whether a recession is going on is not a matter of opinion. There is a technical definition of “recession,” universally applied by economists. And even if we assume that the average Democrat doesn’t know that definition, it is simply absurd to assert that an economy that is growing rapidly is in the midst of a recession.
But most Democrats assert exactly that. It’s like saying that it is raining out when the sun is shining, with not a cloud in the sky. This is another sign, I am afraid, that a great many Democrats are more attached to their hatreds than they are to reality.


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