We had a great time this weekend

with my conservative cousin from New York and his conservative wife. On Saturday night, we saw the Baltimore Orioles defeat the Minnesota Twins 4-2 in a splendid game. The winning margin was supplied by two “bang-bang” plays at home plate, which we saw perfectly thanks to the great seats my cousin purchased. My favorite Oriole, Miguel Tejeda, dominated the game with as fine an individual performance as I’ve seen in years.
Much of the rest of the weekend was devoted to discussing politics, as we’ve done for 45 years. I was surprised to hear my cousin say that he prefers Kerry to Edwards. He cited Edwards’ lack of foreign policy experience, but was more convincing when he stressed Edwards’ role as the trial lawyers’ man in Washington. Yet I remain unpersuaded, even after reading this piece by John Stossel about the consequences of Edwards’ work.


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