Errors of fact and sentiment

In “Minnesota’s governator fires back,” we note that on Thursday the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an “outrageously stupid” editorial criticizing Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty for his weekend visit of the Minnesota National Guard unit serving in Kosovo. The first sentence of the editorial criticizes Governor Pawlenty for “get[ting] set to climb into an airplane for yet another photo-op trip to Kosovo” and in a part of the editorial we left unquoted refers to the governor’s “third trip to Kosovo.”
One would think that the governor’s devastating response to the editorial would be sufficient humiliation for the Strib. But reader Gary Larson points out the correction published by the Strib on Friday: “The July 22 editorial ‘Gridlock’s toll/Kosovo can wait, bonding can’t,’ stated that this weekend’s trip will be Gov. Pawlenty’s third trip to Kosovo. It will be his third trip overseas visiting troops. He has previously visited Bosnia and Iraq.”


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