Shove It, She Suggested

Teresa Heinz Kerry told a reporter from the “conservative Pittsburgh Tribune-Review”–so identified by the Associated Press–to “shove it” when he asked her to explain a comment she had made about “sometimes un-American traits that are coming into some of our politics.” When the reporter repeatedly asked what she meant by “un-American,” Mrs. Kerry finally replied: “You said something I didn’t say. Now shove it.”
That’s basically fine with me, but I would note two things. First, according to the AP’s account, Mrs. Kerry did, in fact, refer to Republicans as “un-American” in a speech at a reception at the Massachusetts Statehouse. This would seem relevant to one’s assessment of her response, particularly since the alleged point of Mrs. Kerry’s speech was to bemoan the lack of civility in contemporary American politics.
Second, neither Mrs. Kerry’s husband nor other Democrats had any problem with her response to the reporter; Bill Clinton, for example, said: “A lot of Americans are going to say, ‘Good for you, you go, girl,’ and that’s certainly how I feel about it.” This approval was based in part on the fact that the Tribune-Review is not as liberal as most daily newspapers. Mrs. Kerry’s spokesman said: “This was sheer frustration aimed at a right-wing rag that has consistently and purposely misrepresented the facts in reporting on Mrs. Kerry and her family.”
So the stage is set, I guess, for Dick Cheney and others to tell reporters from left-wing rags like the Washington Post to shove it.
Actually, I kind of like the idea.
BIG TRUNK adds: The video of the incident is available through this link. It’s a must-see.


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