The spike

FrontPage has posted Ann Coulter’s spiked USA Today column that previewed the Democratic convention festivities: “Put the speakers in a cage.” Coincidentally, the Standard Online has posted Jonathan Last’s report on last night’s events, and it seems to bear out some of Coulter’s more outrageous observations: “Carnival of losers.” Last reports that after slobbering his way through his speech last night, Jimmy Carter took a seat next to Michael Moore.
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin points out that Human Events has posted USA Today’s line-edited version of Coulter’s column: “Banned in Boston.” Human Events has also posted USA Today’s response to the flap over the Coulter column.
Michelle points out that USA Today’s editors could not comprehend Coulter’s reference to the Democrats as “the French party.” With its editorial inquiries in caps, the paper asks Coulter: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ‘THE FRENCH PARTY’? I DON’T GET IT.”


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