Close Encounters of the Lefty Kind

I just returned from driving my brother and his sons to the airport. When we dropped them off, we parked behind a car that had three bumper stickers across the back: “Howard Dean,” “Wellstone!” and “What Would Wellstone Do?” (Actually, I think that is sort of a useful question. Any time you can figure out what Paul Wellstone would have done, it’s safe to assume you should do the exact opposite. It’s a handy rule of thumb, like always selling the stocks that I buy.) An elderly gentleman wearing a tweed coat got out of the car–an academic, clearly; a college president, I suspect.
A few moments later, as we pulled away, we passed Garrison Keillor, standing by himself at the curb, looking ineffably smug and evidently waiting for someone. I’m guessing he was waiting for the tweedy academic, and they were about to depart for Boston. Just a hunch.
UPDATE: A revised theory: Fraters Libertas reports that Keillor was interviewed on the convention floor yesterday. So I deduce that he was returning home, waiting to be picked up, and had no connection (other than a spiritual connectedness) with the tweedy academic.


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