Curb your hatred

Our friend Bruce Sanborn reminds us that a few months ago, when Bush’s military record was hot news, Larry David, a Democrat-friend-of-Bill, gave a speech praising Bush for doing as he, David, did — avoid Vietnam and enjoy the Army Reserves. Bruce notes that Clinton’s speech last night echoed David’s theme, distinguishing Kerry’s willingness to enlist from Clinton’s own behavior, as well, of course, as that of Bush and Cheney.
Similarly, Clinton’s riff about appreciating but not really wanting his tax cut was foreshadowd by a speech in which Garrison Keillor selflessly urged Minnesota’s delegates not to defeat Bush for him, “a well-to-do-Democrat,” but for the less well off.
Bruce wonders whether “the Kerry camp is calling in supportive humorists to try to make Dem hatred of Bush sound less hateful.” Could be, although the possibility that Clinton simply stole the material cannot be ruled out.


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