And on the northern border…

We first wrote about the arrest of Ali Mohamed Almosaleh at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in “The Mohamed profile.” Almosaleh’s trip had originated in Syria and took him to Amsterdam and Minneapolis via KLM.
Almosaleh was arrested in Minneapolis on an immigration violation and found with “disturbing items” in his posssession — a suicide note indicating a specific time and place of attack, CD/DVDs with anti-American materials, and something indicating a connection with “at least one known terrorist.”
Now the AP reports the indictment of Almosaleh and provides some details about the “disturbing items” found in his possession: “Iraqi man arrested at airport here is indicted.” The AP reports:

Government sources told The Associated Press after Almosaleh’s arrest that he was carrying a note that hinted at a public suicide.
The indictment alleges Almosaleh falsely said he had been out of the United States for one month when he actually had been out for about five months, and that he told agents the only country he had visited was Syria when he had actually been to Iraq.
And video discs that Almosaleh claimed were just music actually had video of Iraqi radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia, along with calls for resistance against the United States, and video images of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the invasion of Iraq, the indictment alleges.

Stay tuned.


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