…back in the world at large, extremists claiming to represent al Qaeda have declared “a bloody war” on Europe, saying that their first objective will be to topple Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. So now I guess we’ll find out whether the Italian voters are more courageous and steadfast than their Spanish counterparts.
Both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan appear to be moving in the direction of creating an all-Muslim military force to fight the terrorists in Iraq. A very good thing, if it happens.
And Germany has expressed “great concern” over Iran’s ongoing efforts to develop nuclear weapons:

[A]n intelligence report circulated by diplomats this week alleges Iranian officials were caught negotiating with a Russian company over the procurement of a substance that can boost nuclear explosions in atomic weapons.

It would be nice if there were any possibility that German concern could lead to German action, especially in view of the fact that, as noted above, war has just been declared on Europe by terrorists supported by the Iranian mullahs. But there is no such prospect. Which brings us back, I guess, to the speeches last night and the excruciatingly close race for the American presidency. Because there is no way that a Kerry administration is going to do anything effective about Iran.


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