Inspired by the Edwards speech…

I have a few questions of my own to ask. Where did he pick up that style of speaking? From Andy Rooney? Isn’t it ineffective to make statements over and over again in the form of rhetorical questions? Don’t you run the risk of giving your audience the impression that you think they’re stupid? That they really need your help to understand the depth of your wisdom? Do you think they enjoy being spoken to that way? Is that the way you talked to the juries who made you a member of “the first economy”?
Has anyone ever mentioned to you that your “two economies” riff is a tad obsolete? That it might have done wonders for Depression-era Democrats, but that it’s exceeded it’s useful life by about fifty years? That America isn’t divided between the Kennedys or the Heinzes and the working poor? Did you happen to hear Barack Obama’s speech the night before yours? Didn’t the theme of his speech belie your thesis that America is divided in two? Doesn’t his life story? Doesn’t yours?


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