The Northern Alliance Streams, At Last

Most regular readers know that the Northern Alliance, a loose affiliation of bloggers located in Minnesota, has its own radio show on AM 1280 the Patriot. Until now, our show has been available only in the Twin Cities, every Saturday from 12 to 3 (CST). We are happy to announce that the station’s long-awaited internet stream is now operational, so that future Northern Alliance broadcasts will be available world-wide on the internet.
To listen to our show, go here:
If it helps, here is a link: Northern Alliance Radio Network
Clicking on the link takes you directly to the media player, but I think it might only work in Internet Explorer.
More good news: The Patriot will re-stream each Saturday’s show on the following weekdays beginning at 3 p.m., central time. The show will re-play every six hours, so you can hear it at 9 p.m., etc. for a total of 20-plus broadcasts a week. We’d like to hear from readers who tune in to the show; let us know how the stream works. If there are technical problems, we can pass them on to the station.
Also, now that we are available everywhere, we will be promoting our shows and guests more heavily. On Saturday, second hour, we’ll interview Professor Jeremy Rabkin of Cornell about his book, The Case for Sovereignty. A week from Saturday we’ll have Peter Collier, talking about his new book on the reprehensible Noam Chomsky.


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