A case study

Rocket Man is doing a helluva job live blogging John Kerry’s acceptance speech, but even he can’t keep up with Kerry’s rapid-fire demagogy tonight. I just heard Kerry peddle in passing a version of the the bake sales for body armor canard that Al Gore shouted out in his rant before MoveOn.org. This is one canard that Little Trunk debunked earlier this month: “Where’s the yeast?”
John Edwards must have taught Kerry something about the art of throwing mud against the wall in the manner of a world-class ambulance chaser. Making baseless accusations takes a second and exposing them takes a month. As Mark Twain famously observed, a lie can go half way around the world while the truth is still putting its boots on.
Does it bear mention that Kerry in any event was one of only 12 senators voting against the supplemental $87 billion funding bill (after he voted for it, of course) that provided in part for the supply of body armor to the troops serving in Iraq?


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